Lady Jane

James D Taylor Jr

After careful manipulation of the now dying King Edward VI by the Duke of Northumberland to rewrite the will of his late father, Henry VIII, and place Jane in line of ascension to the throne, the Lady Jane Grey becomes a pawn of the Duke's scheme, which is to place his son in the position of king by marrying him to Jane. Having secured the necessary documents by intimidating various members of parliament, the next step is the wedding itself. Not long after the wedding, Edward passes away and Jane is placed on the throne. Northumberland had not planned on the strong following of the kingdom for Mary and he attempts to capture her because of her 'treasonous acts', but she eludes him. Mary soon takes her rightful position on the throne. The duke is tried and executed. Jane's fate hinges on her reforming to the old religion she stood firmly against. Not only that but her father rebels against Mary's marriage to a foreigner. It seals Jane's fate, and she is beheaded in February 1554, having never seen her seventeenth birthday.


2 hrs

87 Petosky St
New Hudson
MI 48165


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