The Magic Man

Michael Law

University and teaching background, specialising in German and French. Previously professionally-performed work includes Aquarium (Mercury Theatre, Colchester), Just Us (Questor's, Ealing), Helen of Rhodes (BAC) and A Companion for Clare (Questor's), and he has won a number of prizes for his work. In collaboration with his son, Richard, he has also written a translation of Brecht's Man is Man and Dorst's The Great Denunciation Outside the City Wall. He is a member of the Society of Authors, Player-Playwrights, the Writers' Guild and the New Playwright's Trust.

It is impossible to summarize the action of this play: it is at the same time too simple and too structurally complex for that. But essentially it deals with violence - and some possible roots of violence and social malaise - through staging (and commenting on) an imaginative re-enactment of the historical, though as yet unexplained, Huddersfield riot of 16 September, 1961. It uses lighting and sound effects for maximum impact. Much of it is written in Huddersfield dialect. View extract.

6 (4 male, 2 female)

1hr 30mins

90a Upper Tollington Park

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