Michael Law

University and teaching background, specialising in German and French. Previously professionally-performed work includes Aquarium (Mercury Theatre, Colchester), Just Us (Questor's, Ealing), Helen of Rhodes (BAC) and A Companion for Clare (Questor's), and he has won a number of prizes for his work. In collaboration with his son, Richard, he has also written a translation of Brecht's Man is Man and Dorst's The Great Denunciation Outside the City Wall. He is a member of the Society of Authors, Player-Playwrights, the Writers' Guild and the New Playwright's Trust.

This "tragi-comedy" is partly about barrenness: for what holds Caroline and Chris together except their pets, that all die, and their flowers, that all wither? Partly, too, it is about the rule-based view and the freer, more imaginative view. Chris is the games player - Caroline his more fanciful partner, whose excursions into a world of her own devising bring about a near-collapse of their relationship in the aftermath to a disastrous New Year's Eve party. And does Caroline leave Chris at the end to go off with her soul-mate Georgie? We are never to know . . . Though we may suppose she has second thoughts as the new year dawns. View extract.

1 male, 1 female

40 mins

90a Upper Tollington Park

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